MYI48's Team MII. Their team color is purple. They currently have 16 members.

  • Kagari Toriko (とりこ Toriko)
  • Mikari Kirara (きらりん Kirarin)
  • Sato Alice (アリス Alice)
  • Sato Emily (エミー Emmy)
  • Jissai Mizumi (みずみ Mizumi) (Captain)
  • Asami Miharu (はるりん Harurin)
  • Uwaza Hikari (うわざ Uwaza)
  • Chosora Luna (ルナ Luna)
  • Takamizu Mikoto (みこ Miko)
  • Minamoto Aoi (あおっち Aocchi)
  • Yamada Nami (やみ Yami)
  • Suzuki Mina (すず Suzu)
  • Nito Akari (にとっぴ Nitoppi)
  • Kobayashi Chizu (やず Yazu)
  • Kato Rio (りお Rio)
  • Ito Akira (いとっぴ Itoppi)


  • 1st Stage 「心にグッド・イーブニング」(MYI48 Team MII 1st Stage "Kokoro no Good Evening") (2016.10.31~)

Team MII Songs on MYI48 Singles & AblumsEdit


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