Empire46 is the first overseas group for Nogizaka46 and is the rival of ANG48. They are based in New York City, New York. They have announced the transfer students during a Nogizaka46 concert and they have a few members who are announced as the first generation.

Members: Edit

  • Amaya Lee, 21
  • Barbara Yanagawa, 21
  • Vanessa De Berg, 20
  • Carla Sariwa, 19
  • Olivia McEdwards, 19
  • Georgia Anderson, 19
  • Irene Yanagawa, 19
  • Ikuta Erika (transfer student from Nogizaka46), 18
  • Kazumi Takayama (transfer student from Nogizaka46),18
  • Saito Chiharu (transfer student from Nogizaka46), 18
  • Wilma Lambert, 18
  • Terada Ranze (transfer student from Nogizaka46), 17
  • Ito Junna (transfer student from Nogizaka46), 17


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