Gloria Hernadez
AgeAudition  :13

Current : 13

BirthdayAugust 31st


GenreA/J Pop



Generation1st generation

" I am the Kawaii Passion poker-girl Girl ,Gloria Hernadez "

Gloria Hernadez is a member of ANG48 team A's Understudies,Who is a Jpop and A pop singer ,she is the 1st Generation of ANG48 and is still a Student

Profile Edit

Name : Gloria Hernadez

Bloodtype: A

Height type: 148.5 or 4 feet

Favorite 48 song : Ue kara Mariko ,Ponytail to ShuShu

Hobbies : Swimming,Fashion Designing

Favorite singer(s) : Beyonce ,5th Harmony ,Watanabe Mayu

Charm points : smile and eyes

Future dream : Top class designer,Actor and Singer

Favorite food : Curry Rice and Lobsters

Favorite Subject : Social studies ,English and Math

Favorite Tv show : Make it Pop ,Majisuka Gakuen

Auddition song : Ue kara Mariko

Family : Mom,Dad ,3 Brothers and 2 sisters (shes the 2nd youngest )

Personality Edit

Trivia Edit

  • she's Hispanic and Italian
  • she loves Designing
  • Language she knows : Japanese,Italian ,Spanish,English ( Learning Korean and Chinese )
  • Likes to get good Grades
  • She has 3 Brothers and 2 sisters
  • sometimes Stubborn
  • Plays Violin
  • Doesn't like to Watch to much Tv
  • Her Favorite Oshi is Watanabe Mayu andShinoda Mariko ( Graduated ) in Japan
  • She made her 00 oc,which she made her succeed Shinoda Mariko the 9th
  • during an interview after 5 years ,she told that she was in a relationship with her boyfriend before becoming a member of her group and team, her ex boyfriend hated her due to as she gave up her relationship with him for so she won't have problems with 48family,her boyfriend never once saw her preform and her team