LDN48, short for London48, is a fictional 48 Family group. It is located in London, in Europe, and despite being produced (unoficcially) by Yasushi Akimoto, however, it does have another primary producer. 


  • Alison Morse
  • Melissa Graham
  • Ava Williams
  • Megan Kelly
  • Grace Dixon
  • Emma Johnson
  • Rebecca Young
  • Scarlett Davies
  • Tia West
  • Maya Ross
  • Zara White
  • Skye Lawson
  • Amber Smith
  • Natasha Watson
  • Eloise Griffiths
  • Sofia Hill

Yet to be formed

Yet to be formed

  • Bella Chapman
  • Daisy Hudson
  • Zoe Jones
  • Leah Grant
  • Willow Bennett
  • Hannah Bell
  • Mia Walker




Team LEdit


  • Due to being so far from Japan, LDN48 has a primary producer at the side of Yasushi Akimoto who handles everything that concerns only LDN48.
  • Because the group is English, several of the phrases associated with 48G has been translated into English, such as Kenkyuusei to Trainees.